AQC Band saw blade sharpener


Technical data

Tooth pitch mm 20 ÷ 50
Blade width mm 75 ÷ 311
Hook angle 10° ÷ 38°
Grinding wheel dimensions mm Ø 250 Ø 17×12
No. 5 feed speeds teeth/min. 18 ÷ 30
Grinding wheel motor power kW 0,25
Jack motor power kW 0,18
Exhaust motor power kW 0,25
Machine weight, supports included kg 480

AQC Band saw blade sharpener

Ideal for simple, quick and accurate sharpening of band saw blades.

  • The AQC sharpening machine has been designed to sharpen blades with regular and skip teeth, as well as LS or VP (SB), depending on the cam wanted, which can easily be replaced.
  • There are 5 different interchangeable feed speeds, depending on the type of teeth.
  • The machine is equipped with an exhaust for the suction of the fumes and the emery dust produced during sharpening.
  • All transmission parts are built-in, totally enclosed and protected from dust and flashes, submerged in an oil bath.
  • The machine can be supplied both in right hand execution, as shown in the figure, and left hand execution.

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