DZA / DZB multiple ripsaw

DZA multiple ripsaw – Video



Technical data

Depth of cut min / max mm 45 / 100 mm 48 / 280
Workpiece thickness min / max mm 90 / 200 mm 90 / 280
Workpiece width min / max mm 100 / 350 mm 100 / 280
Minimum workpiece length mm 1200 mm 1900
Toothed feed roller width mm 410 mm 280
Spindle motor power kW 75 + 75 kW 75 + 75
Blade rotation speed rev/min 2100
rev/min 2600
Feed motor power kW 4 kW 4
Feed speed min / max m/min 8 / 45 m/min 15 / 50
Blade diameter mm 700 mm 550
Number of blades per spindle nr. 1 nr. 1 / 4
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) mm 2700x2500x2300 mm 2800x2400x2300
Weight kg 9000 kg 11000


The horizontal blade machine is used for cutting up cants from the canter line to reduce their sizes in order to process them more easily in other machines, such as multiple ripsaws.

To meet these needs, Primultini produces two types of beam saws: the DZA and the DZB, which, although similar in construction, differ in that the first cuts into halves heavy planks with only two machined faces, while the latter cuts squared logs with all four sides machined into several pieces.

The frame supporting the blade unit, feed bench and pressure roller unit is composed of large structural tubes to provide greater rigidity and stability.


Each of the two blade shafts is made from special high-strength steel. The structure supporting the shafts and motors is designed to reduce vibrations and noise and the bearings are fitted with locking nuts. Immediately behind the circular blades are the riving knives, which serve the purpose of keeping the cut open to ensure a good surface finish on the boards.


The machine is equipped with motorized toothed pressure/extractor rollers to ensure the stability of the plank during cutting and the removal of the sawn pieces.

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