MPA Multiple ripsaw / Edging line



Technical data

Max depth of cut with movable blades mm 120
Max depth of cut with sleeve for fixed blades, without wooden pad mm 140
Max working width mm 450
Min length of workpiece mm 700
Max passage width mm 950
Toothed feeding belt width mm 520
Min / max spindle motor power kW 45 – 90
Spindle speed rpm 3500
Min / max feed speed m/min 8 / 50
Min / max diameter of blades mm 320/425
Min / max number of movable blades nr. 1 / 4
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) mm 2300x2400x2400
Weight kg 6000


The MPA is a single-spindle machine with overhead blades that can work as a multiple rip saw or as an edger. The edger version can be equipped with one to four movable blades and one fixed blade to the left or right. Once the mobile blades are removed, the edger becomes a multiple rip saw by fitting a sleeve with fixed blades.


The blade shaft is made from special, high-strength steel. The bearings, fitted with locking nuts, are constantly monitored by temperature sensors. In the edger version, each blade is mounted on a small sleeve, which slides axially along the blade shaft.

The movement is provided by means of a ball screw controlled by a brushless motor. Each movable blade has its own joystick for manual positioning and an electronic positioner optimizes measurement in accordance with a table or a previously set program. Each blade is linked to a mobile laser with a red light.


The machine is fitted with splinter guards and anti-kickback devices, which are always active during normal operation.


The pressure rollers are operated by pneumatic cylinders with adjustable pressure. Their supporting structure is mounted on sturdy ball runner blocks that move along hardened prismatic guide rails.

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