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DRC / DRE Edging line

DRC Edging line – Video



Technical data

Max. passage width mm 750 mm 1050
Max. cutting height mm 120 mm 140
Min. cutting height mm 17 mm 18
Motor power kW 45/55 kW 75 + 75
Standard board length m 2 ÷ 5 m 2 ÷ 5
Planks/min. n. 18 n. 13
Max feeding speed m/min 160 m/min 120

DRC / DRE Automatic edging line

Automatic edger with two heads with four mobile blades and two splitting knives for high production of edged boards. Each head has been equipped with a 45/55 kW motor with soft start.

All movements are on slides and ball screws. Blades and splitting knives are accurately positioned using brushless motors.

Internal blades are assembled at the end of the main shaft and positioned by moving the heads. Secondary blades are assembled on sleeves, which run along the main shaft, and can carry more than one blade.

Optional use of the two central blades only to give maximum widths for edged boards.


  • Infeed by transversal chain conveyer, with board turning device and laser triangulation photocells to trace the exact profile of the board as well as thickness and length.
  • Trimmer for cutting board to required lengths.
  • Board centering chain powered by brushless motors.
  • Infeed chain with pressing rollers powered by hydraulic motor. Speed 0-160 m/min can be adjusted according to board thickness and current absorbed by the main motors.
  • 18 kW hydraulic power pack.
  • Outfeed pressing roller with pre-positioning.
  • System for board optimizing and managing the automatic cycle of the machine. Includes industrial PC with 15” touch screen linked by network cables to axis modules, PLC and reading system with photocells.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Stand control switchboard and operator keyboard.
  • Main electrical cabinet and separate cabinet for soft start of the two 75 kW motors.
    Optional: unloading roller conveyor.



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Download DRC edger PDF

Download DRE edger PDF

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