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CEI / CEK carriage

Overall dimensions

Technical data

Version with movable pads A mm  = 1.000
Version with movable hooks A mm = 930
Speed of headblock displacement mm/s 500
Speed of hydrostatic feed m/min 10 ÷ 140 (IEC)
m/min 0 ÷ 200 (IIC)
Tractive force of hydrostatic feed n. 11.770 (IEC)
n. 20.050 (IIC)
Weight kg 7.150

Version with pads

Automatic log alignment to its axis.

Automatic log alignment to its edge, with programming of the open face (width of first board).

Version without pads

Version with fixed hooks: their projection can be set to 4 different positions using cast iron pads driven by a hydraulically controlled double cylinder.

Use of central headblocks to straighten the slabs or the small bent logs.

Unused headblocks can be excluded.


  • Log clamping through hydraulic cylinders having 2 selectable closing pressures.
  • Headblocks slide on flat blocks, which are built with interchangeable wear components.
  • Automatic headblock positioning by means of a programmable electronic positioner.
  • Log turning device incorporated in each headblock, with hydraulic lifting, arm inclination up to 90° and standard rotation through an electric motor. A hydraulic motor can be supplied on request.
  • Centralised automatic lubrication system.
  • Hydrostatic feed, with rope drive and foot control lever. A remarkable acceleration is achieved thanks to the headrig main motor power: this also ensures the highest production capacity and a worthwhile energy saving.


  • Synchronised headblock displacement through a single brushless motor, with high-precision gears and racks and slack recovery.


  • Independent headblock displacement, each one driven by a brushless motor for rapid and accurate log centring.
  • Possibility of synchronised headblock displacement.
  • Optional log centring through photocells and scanner with cut optimisation.


  • Slab turning arms.
  • Beam tilting arms.
  • Double-arm log turning device.

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