CRL-I Carriage with variable axis


Overall dimensions

Technical data

Max distance between blade/headblock mm 1000 (1200)
Top dog max height mm 980
Headblock traverse speed mm/s 500
Rail gauge mm 1480
Weight (with 4 headblock) kg 15.000


The log carriage is composed of two independent superimposed frames with high stability. The headblocks are jointly mounted on the upper frame, ensuring perfect headblock alignment over time. Thanks to a simple rotating system, the longitudinal cutting axis can rotate and adjust according to the tapering of the log.

The innovation is that the ideal cutting position is found not by positioning the log but by rotating the frame.

  • Hook clamping and release controlled by hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulically controlled hook extension with 2 programmable intermediate settings
  • Hydraulic system with variable delivery pump: enables more simultaneous movements without decreasing speed
  • Feeding unit with cable drive controlled by an electrical vector unit (variable speed up to 160 m/min)
  • Programmable electronic positioner consisting of a touch screen with integrated industrial PC, connected via Ethernet to a PLC with distributed periphery


A simple mechanical system rotating on two pivots allows the upper headblock holder frame to move towards the right or left. The log clamped against the headblocks becomes a single unit with the frame: thus, by guiding the frame to the right and/or left, the right cutting alignment is attained in relation to the taper of the log. In this way, even when varying the cutting axis, the log and headblock hooks are not subjected to tension. In addition, aligning the log to the cut is very rapid: it can be performed manually and/or automatically by the operator simply by reading the log with the photocells.

On request OPEN FACE

This electronic system enables automatic log diameter and length measurement by means of a laser scanner, automatic log alignment in relation to the axis or external edge and calculation of a predetermined board width with the first cut.


DOUBLE ARTICULATION LOG TURNER with 2 independent hydraulic lifting arms. Three motor-driven chains with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation and inclination up to 90°. Suitable for any type of log and for turning square pieces over without damaging the corners.

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The company reserves the right to make any modifications it considers opportune for the improvement of the product. Weights and measures are purely indicative and not binding.

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