Sharpeners: simple and robust construction machines

When a wood cutting machine is used for prolonged periods of time, it is natural that the blade progressively loses its ability to cut, and for this reason it must undergo maintenance with the use of sharpeners.

In fact, the blade is no longer sharp after only a few hours of continuous use, and the risk, if it does not undergo maintenance, is that the cutting loses its effectiveness and even lead to the deformation of the blade.

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Multiple ripsaws: machines that can process any type of wood

Multiple ripsaws are particularly useful for cutting planks that have already been processed by a band saw. In fact, thanks to the multiple ripsaw the different thicknesses of planks are cut into smaller units that will then be put to different uses: beams for the roofs of houses and buildings; planks for parquet flooring; for the construction of building structures.

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Robust and reliable sawmill equipment

Primultini operates in the woodworking industry, manufacturing machinery for sawmills that work with all types of timber. In fact, timber is made up of different types of wood in terms of composition and geographic origin, and our consolidated knowledge of the different types allows us to build specific sawmill equipment to support customer needs in the best possible way.

The Company has over ninety years of experience and this guarantees our customers the reliability of a full service that is attentive to detail at all stages of the process. We both design and manufacture our sawmill equipment and these operations are carried out entirely within the company so as to guarantee the quality of our products.

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The chipping canter: perfection and versatility

Chipping canter is a machine that is coupled to a band saw during the primary breakdown of the logs. It is able to process both sides of the logs at the same time by eliminating the side slabs, with the chipping mechanism then transforming the slabs into chips.

The advantage is significant because thanks to the canter, two sides of the log can be simultaneously processed from the very first cut, thereby increasing productivity.

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The automatic edger: an innovative piece of equipment

The technological application and advanced features render the Primultini automatic edger a unique and extremely innovative piece of machinery.

Thanks to a photocell system, the automatic edger permits you to scan the planks obtained from the previous process and to create a virtual profile of them in the form of a computer image. The customer can then electronically set, with extreme ease, the quantity and measurement of the elements they want to obtain with the trimming.

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Different versions of Resaws

Resaws are machines equipped with rollers, used specifically for cutting semi-finished products and for feeding them lengthwise.

As a result, the resaw is a useful piece of equipment for cutting planks and boards, which are easily broken down into smaller units with variable thicknesses, depending on what they will be used for.

The precision and speed that characterize the Primultini resaw render it particularly versatile and it optimizes processing thanks to the fact that it makes maximum use of the wood.

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The woodworking industry operates with professionalism and precision

Woodworking industry that Primultini operates in involves all the processing stages of timber, from the raw material to the manufacturing of the end product.

Primultini manufactures technologically advanced machinery for primary processing. Our machinery permits the raw material, generally the log, to be cut easily and efficiently in order to obtain semi-finished products, in particular boards and planks.

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The log carriage: robust and practical

Primultini log carriage is a high performance and technologically advanced piece of machinery, indispensable for breaking down large logs.

Once the log is placed longitudinally above the log carriage and attached to the clamps, the machine is able to support and move the timber. In fact, thanks to the cable system the log can be moved easily back and forth on the tracks and then cut by a ribbon blade.

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Excellence in complete sawmills

Thanks to its consolidated experience in the complete sawmills sector, Primultini represents a safe choice for customers that require the best machinery for cutting timber with reliable and quality service.

Our sawmills are ideal for the complete and effective processing of timber, and above all commensurate with the specific needs of subsequent uses of the material. Thanks to the efficiency of the mechanical conveyor systems, available with rollers or chains, our complete sawmills are able to cut the timber by starting with the log, followed by the removal of the bark and division into smaller planks, obtaining different thicknesses according to requirements.

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